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About Meyhouse

At Meyhouse, we believe that dining is not just about food, it's about bringing people together and creating memories. Our passion for fine dining is reflected in everything we do, from the carefully selected ingredients to the expertly crafted drinks and the warm, welcoming atmosphere. We take pride in our ingredient-first approach, handling each component minimally during the cooking process to ensure that the quality shines through. Come and experience the magic of Meyhouse today.

2023.08.04 Meyhouse_Pre Opening_Joseph Weaver_9829.jpg

From Our Happy Customers


Eren B

This was the most incredible food ever I've had in the Bay Area. Comparable with the best Turkish restaurants in Turkey


Jane Doe

“Meyhouse Palo Alto is my new favorite restaurant! The seafood is so fresh and the grilled delicacies are out of this world. And the! I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a fine dining experience.”


Food Critic Weekly

“Meyhouse Palo Alto is a true gem in the world of fine dining. The ingredient-first approach is evident in every dish, and the quality of the food is unmatched. The drinks are expertly crafted and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. This is a must-visit restaurant for anyone who appreciates great food and a great dining experience.”

2023.08.04 Meyhouse_Pre Opening_Joseph Weaver_9795.jpg
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