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Meyhouse Jazz Palo Alto

Our vision for our Meyhouse is to not only provide excellent food but also to indulge our patrons with outstanding music performed by local and national artists.

The venue is a dedicated space within Meyhouse Palo Alto designed in collaboration with SFJazz to provide excellent acoustics as well as state of the art sound and lighting system for performing artists.


  • Yamaha C3 Grand Piano

  • 2x D&B Audio 24s Loudspeakers (2x12"/1.4")

  • D&B Audio 27s Subwoofer (15"/12")

  • D&B Audio 30d Amplifier (4x1600W)

  • Midas M32R Mixer

  • 2x QSC K8 monitors

  • 2x QSC K10 monitors

  • 2x Thump 12BST monitors


Stage and Lighting

  • 6'  x 15' stage

  • Professional lighting system

  • QuickQ 20 Lighting Panel

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